Our trading company ALCONA, S.A., created in 1995, is one of the nine entities of the FLORA AND FAUNA BUSINESS GROUP of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba.

Our sales catalog is basically made up of productions and resources derived from the surpluses obtained from the conservationist management that takes place in the 87 Natural Protected Areas that the Group manages.

The income acquired is intended to contribute to the development of the programs implemented to preserve the natural heritage of reference, as well as to the national programs of agri-food development.


To generate income from exports of forest products and live animals, mainly, as well as from environmental sanitation services and border sales, in order to contribute to the self-financing and sustainability of the country’s National System of Protected Areas and the animal genetic fund.


To lead the commercializing management in Cuba and the Caribbean region, from the structuring of competitive products/services, surplus of the intensive management in the Protected Areas administered by the Flora and Fauna Business Group; from a certified activity, and sustainable conservationist.

Main lines of business

1. Charcoal and its derivatives
2. Pine resin
3. Live, native and exotic animals: Horses/ Pink Flamingo/ Lidia’s Cock/ White Coconut/ Sable Cayman/ Seville or Spatula/ Hutia/ Cuban Iguana/ Aura Tinosa/ Dolphins/ Tropical Fish/ Live Rocks.

1. Animals for genetic improvement of the breed and for the country’s zoos.
2. Medicines, vaccines for the animals in breeding grounds, reserves and zoos.
3. Chemical products and inputs for environmental sanitation services.
4. Metallic products, machinery and equipment.
5. Basic products for the production of meat and its derivatives, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, destined to the commercialization in border, and for the commercialization and assembly of houses of culture, systems of protected culture (greenhouse), and system of covered culture.
6. Inputs for the handling of live animals, diagnostic kits and medical devices, sedation weapons and their parts.
7. Laboratory reagents and diagnostic kits for animals in hatcheries, zoos and for export sustainability.
8. Inputs for the maintenance and operation of farms, greenhouses and shade-houses. Chemical products for the unit that provides environmental sanitation services. Polypropylene and polyethylene bags.

→ Services of environmental sanitation (in more than five modalities) as a guarantee for environmental protection and conservation.

→Commercialization of products/services associated with agro-food and agro-based forestry and varieties of meat, sausages, vegetables, fruit, dairy and sawn timber.

Brief historical review

By means of Public Deed 825, granted by the Special Notary’s Office of the Registry and Notary’s Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cuba and at the proposal of the Commander of the Revolution and then Director of the National Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba, Guillermo García Frías, the Commercial Society ALCONA, S.A. was constituted on March 14th, 1995.

At that moment, it was granted the faculty to commercialize the productions and occasional surpluses of the wild flora and fauna of the referred National Company, as well as other collateral services and recreational activities, besides acquiring the equipment, machinery, animals and inputs destined to the protection and conservation of the natural heritage under the custody and administration of this company.

With the incorporation of the company to the Flora and Fauna Business Group in the year 2017, the expansion of its commercial attributions was submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, with the inclusion of environmental sanitation services.

Our clients come mainly from Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia and Africa. The conservationist management of live animals in our protected areas, zoos and aquariums allows us to commercialize some specimens that are of foreign interest due to the authenticity and care of our fauna. On the other hand, the vegetable coal and its derivatives, obtained from the marabou – invasive plant that stalks our cultivation areas -, is very demanded in the international market due to its quality which makes it our leading product.

In 2020, according to the Economic-Social Strategy to boost the economy and face the world crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our company was one of those approved to provide import and export services to the non-state forms of management in the country.

Our company has four branches and an experienced staff, which is responsible for developing its missions in the 15 Cuban provinces and the special municipality Isle of Youth.

Berkys Medina Urra

General Manager



Neylis Cepero Valero

Deputy Director



Arturo Montenegro Valera

Director of Operations

Odalys Saíz Céspedes

Director of Human Capital and General Services



Ana M. Lavastida Rosales

Accounting-Financial Director



Clara E. Navarro Medina

Director of Export and Import



Elsa M. Rodríguez García

Director of Business Intelligence and Development

Mariana Dalmau Gonzále

Director of Sales and Services



Vilma Z. Hernández Velasco

Specialist of Pictures



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Our branches are distributed throughout the country with headquarters in Havana, Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila and Holguín. If you are interested, you can contact them here

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