Available first edition of the 2020 Flora and Fauna magazine

es conservation projects in those areas.


By Yahumila Hidalgo Ceruto, director of the magazine Flora and Fauna

The magazine Flora and Fauna, with a renewed design, presents its last edition focused on showing updated data about legal aspects and distribution of protected areas in Cuba, its history, as well as specific examples of species conservation projects carried out in those areas.

The results of the first photographic competition of the publication, edited by the Flora and Fauna Business Group (GEFF), fill the pages of the photo report. The contest was a way to make the GEFF’s work known and to stimulate the unknown talents that in different points of the national geography strive to show with their art the beauties and values of the Cuban natural heritage.

We recommend the article written by Dr. Ramona Oviedo, renowned researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Systematics, which tells us about the routes around the island of the German botanist Erick Leonard Ekman (1914-1924).

In 10 years of explorations, with a minimum of resources, the researcher contributed to the knowledge of Cuban flora a total of 31 genera and 910 species new to science, in areas that had not been researched until then and that several of them have still been little visited for scientific purposes. Ekman’s studies have been fundamental for the later establishment of the system of protected areas in Cuba.

On the other hand, in the section “Travel Chronicle”, accompanied by excellent photographs, readers will find information about La Dionisia, the ruins of an old coffee plantation in Matanzas that, in the midst of a rural environment, invites us to listen to stories related to the cultivation of coffee in Cuba, to practice horseback riding and to enjoy the aromatic infusion prepared with artisan means. Other texts that will be of your interest complete the current edition.

A study about the abundance of bats in the Canimar River Natural Protected Landscape and the warning voice for the critically endangered frog species Eleutherodactylus symingtoni are some of the texts that appear in the conservation and natural resource management section. An update on the legal status and distribution of protected areas managed by the GEFF was included in this issue.

This issue of the magazine also has a peculiarity in terms of the support that has always been in print, but now was only presented in digital format using the networks as a means of distribution, due to the shortage of raw materials in national printers caused by the situation of the Covid-19, which has kept the whole planet on edge, almost for a year.

The magazine Flora and Fauna, a popular scientific biannual publication that will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, continues to search for proposals that are attractive to all audiences and as a platform where specialists who in one way or another are related to protected areas can publish the results of their research.

The dissemination of experiences of tourism and sustainable agriculture; the values of biodiversity and natural and rural landscapes; environmental education and the strategies that are implemented in Cuba by different institutions for environmental conservation, are the main objective of our team. To show the work of the Flora and Fauna Business Group, which belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, is part of this aim. Continue with us with your backpack on your shoulder.

You can find the publication in the digital platform Issu.com, in the magazine Flora y Fauna and of the Business Group Flora y Fauna’s Facebook profiles.

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